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Why Choose Midlands Surfacing Contractors for Walsall Surface Dressing?

Surface dressing is a cost-effective way of pro-longing the life of Walsall road surfaces and sealing them in one process.

Walsall Surface dressing offers a range of benefits, including:

• Improved skid resistance
• Lower cost than re-surfacing in tarmac
• Added water resistance
• Less downtime for road users
• Protects the Walsall road against frost damage



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Experienced Walsall Surface Dressing

Our experienced Walsall surface dressing team ensure construction time is kept to a minimum, reducing user delays.

To ensure we produce a high-quality surface, we remove and repair any imperfections in the current surface, next a single layer of hot tar is applied and covered with an aggregate stone of your choice. We then roll over the surface to ensure an even flat surface, ready to be used the same day.

Surface Dressing is suitable for a wide range of Walsall surfaces, including Driveways, Public Roads, Paths, Private Lanes, and large areas such as car parks. Decorative and coloured stones can be used to give a more appealing visual finish for use on private Walsall driveways and paths.


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