Leek Wootton Playground Surfacing
Why Choose Midlands Surfacing Contractors for Leek Wootton School Playgrounds Surfacing?

We offer a wide range of different playground surfacing solutions to suit your needs, from Tarmac to soft rubber playground safety surfaces and custom coloured line painting.

Tarmac Playgrounds

Our playground tarmac surfacing provides a smooth and durable finish. We can work with you to tarmac a Leek Wootton playground, car park, pavement, path or Sports Area. We can also repair your current Leek Wootton tarmac surface if it is showing signs of wear.

Tarmac is a very popular solution for schools across Leek Wootton, the hard-wearing surface and low maintenance needed provides an ideal surface for playgrounds.

Playground Line Painting

An extra bonus to our Tarmac Surfacing is that we can also offer a wide range of Line Marking options to brighten up your Leek Wootton playground area.

Line Painting can be used to create colourful and educational floor markings, ensuring the children’s break times are full of fun and learning.


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playground line marking in Leek Wootton
Playground Soft Surfacing Leek Wootton

Leek Wootton Playground Safety Surfacing

Also known as Wet Pour, Wet pour is a rubber crumb surface used in Leek Wootton playgrounds, parks and recreational areas.

It creates a surface that is durable but soft, ensuring a safe environment for children to play on. In the case of trips or falls, the rubber surface absorbs the impact making it less painful.

We can also offer our Leek Wootton line painting services on top of the Rubber Safety Surfacing. Adding more colour and functionality to the already versatile surface.

The main advantages of rubber playground surfaces are:

  • Reduces Impact from falls
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Laid in a variety of colours/designs
School Playgrounds in Leek Wootton
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School Playgrounds in Leek Wootton
School Playgrounds in Leek Wootton
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